to Status of Minor Child – Mecklenburg

Affidavit of CL testimony – CS and PSS

Affidavit of Service by Publication – Meck

Agreement for Resolution of Third Party Claim


Answer and Counterclaim for Division of Retirement Account

Answer and Counterclaims (1)

Appeal Information Statement

Arbitration Order

Breach of Contract Judgment and Order

CC and CS Order (ct) – jt CC, shared time during week and alternating wkends,

Certificate of Delivery

tories.docx”>Child Custody Interrogatories

to Litigation

Civil Action Coversheet – Mecklenburg

Compel Order

tock Options

tody, Child Support, Alimony and Equitable Distribution

Consent Order for Arbitration


tody Trial Checklist

Decree of Separate Maintenance

Direct Examination – DV

Divorce Complaint

Divorce Complaint- Meck

Divorce Complaint with ED – Meck

Divorce Judgment – Mecklenburg

Divorce Judgment-With QDRO Claim

Duke 403(b)

Entry of Default

Exhibit List

IBM Pension Plan Order (Prior Plan)-Separate Interest Method (Dividing Method)

IBM Savings Plan Order

Initial Financial Analysis (IFA) Process

IRA Consent Order

to IRA Holder

Letter of Instruction-Percentages

to clerk

to OP

Medical Records Affidavit

to-Interrogatories.docx”>Motion to Compel Supplemental Answers to Interrogatories

to Continue

to Continue – Mecklenburg

to Modify CC and Req for Temp CC

tody.docx”>Motion to Modify Custody

to Quash

to Shift Costs for Electronic Data Discovery

to Strike

to Waive Mediation or Parent Education – Mecklenburg

NC Teachers and State Employees Order Divison of Benefits

Notary Page

Notice of Cancellation of Deed of Trust

Notice of Hearing- Cabarrus Co

Notice of Hearing- Meck Co

Notice of Lis Pendens

Notice of Service by Publication

Notice of Service by Publication – Meck

to Continuance – Mecklenburg

to Proposed Record

Order Confirming Arbitration Award

Order Dismissing Objections Filed


tody-Action.docx”>Order for Third Parties to Intervene in Custody Action

torney’s Fees

Order On Attny Fees

Order Preventing Removal of Children

Order Submission Form – for exparte order

to Change Venue

Order–Rule 65 (Injunction)

Power of Attorney – Vehicle

Preliminary Injunction

Pretrial Order for ED


Qualified Medical Child Support Order

Request To Permit Entry Upon Land or Property for Inspection

tory-Procedence.docx”>Request to Set (after Appeal) or with Statutory Procedence

SchwabPlan Retirement QDRO

State 401(k) Order

to Extend Time

Temporary Restraining Order


TRO and Interim Distribution

Verification of Consultation with OPC (when submitting order)

Withdrawal of Entry of Order Request


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