Welcome to our Absolute Divorce Builder. Fill in all of the items in each of the tabs in the interview below to complete your Complaint for Absolute Divorce.

Here are some additional instructions that you will need to correctly complete your form:

  • Once your divorce is entered by the Court, you lose your right to file for Equitable Distribution or Alimony. As such, you MUST file for these prior to your divorce. If you have a signed notarized Separation Agreement and Property Settlement with an agreement on Equtiable Distribution and Alimony you will not need to file those extra claims. If you do not have an agreement on property division or alimony and you want those resolved, you should stop and hire an attorney to handle your divorce.
  • You can only file for Absolute Divorce if you have been separated from your spouse for more than one year. This means that your date of separation should be more than a year prior to the date you complete your form. You are considered separated from your spouse when you begin living full time at separate addresses. (Read more about legal separation)
  • Additionally, either you or your spouse must have lived in the state of North Carolina for the past 6 months in order to file this form. This may apply to either you, your spouse, or both of you.
  • The Plaintiff refers to the first person to file in a case. If your spouse has already filed a Complaint for Absolute Divorce, you are the Defendant in this case and will instead need to complete an Answer to Complaint for Absolute Divorce.
  • This questionnaire must be completed in one sitting as your answers will not save. When you finish filling out everything, hit “Assemble” and click on the file name that appears in order to download it.
  • If you have any questions or are unsure if something in this questionnaire applies to you, please be sure to ask an attorney for help.